Thinking to Buy a Cheap Tablet Online? Read this before

Buying a cheap tablet is in mind? Here are the important points you should keep in mind before you buy a cheap android tablet online in India. The gadget market is flooded with variety of tablets ranging from three thousand to forty thousand rupees from different brands and with different specifications.

Choosing a right low cost tablet is really a challenge. The money you spend should not go waste, your gadget should solve the purpose and meet all your expectations. Here are some important points for you if you are looking for a better tablet computer at a reasonable price.

Everyone has different needs and expectations, everyone use their gadgets in different ways. Some users expect an inbuilt 3G SIM card for making calls and browsing internet, some use Wi-Fi instead. It's better to make a list of what your real expectations are, if you need more features then price of gadget also goes high. Therefore make sure to list only what you really need from your tablet.

My advice, you may never use a rear camera on your tab, if you have got a good mobile phone. If you get a cheaper version of the tablet without a rear camera, go for it. You need a front camera if you use your tab to make Skype video calls.

If you use the tab more for watching movies, videos or playing games then go for a better display. Now you can find high pixel IPS display panels on low prices tablets too.

Once your specifications are ready, look out for branded products witch meets your needs. There is always a chance that you find the price is high for tabs meeting your specifications and you see cheaper tablets not meeting your needs or a small compromises needed. I suggest not to compromise on your needs, it's better to spend little more money and buy the product witch meets all your needs. And in India you have more options to look at.

It always happens so, you compromise on some specifications or features, purchase a cheaper product and later you regret buying it. Spending one or two thousand rupees more can get you a better product, but if you ignore it you can't buy another tablet spending same money.

Another very important point you should consider is 'Customer care and Service'. You don't have to bother about customer care and service if the product is good, but this plays a key factor when you buy a cheap tablet online. I suggest you should always go for a branded product, if possible with in your budget.

Samsung tablets, Apple and Sony tablets are very good in quality but expensive than few Indian, cheaper brands like Karbonn, MicroMax, iBerry and iball etc. Don't go for an unknown Chinese tablet or Aakash tablet, you may not know how many days or hours it's going to work and what to do if it stops working, all your money goes waste. If you buy at least some known brand you can get your gadget serviced, if something goes wrong.

I have shared my experience with my first android tablet iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G in my earlier post. All these low price tablets will have few minor problems which you may have to compromise with.

Buying tablet should be an one time investment, it's good to own a better one. I advise to check Amazon Kindle Fire HD, MicroMax Funbook, Samsung Galaxy Tab and HCL Me tablets. Few models of these branded products also available on low price.

And final advice, don't keep on waiting for a new cheap model to come, your wait never ends. Market is already flooded with lots of tablets, buy one today and start experiencing the great joy of using a glittering gadget.

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