HCL ME Tab V2 Connect Review

If you are planning to buy a low cost tablet with a reasonably good specification, the HCL ME Tab V2 Connect 2G is the one you should consider. There are many variety of tablets available in market today, from different brands, with variety of specifications and at different price ranges. HCL ME Tab V2 suites well for someone looking for a decent specifications at very low price. The technical specification of the tablet is not state-of-art but fair enough for a daily use. Read more details here..

Best part of this tablet is its 2G calling facility. You can use the tablet as you mobile phone on urgency or when your mobile phone runs out of battery. This is one of the best feature you get at this price which none of the other branded tablets provide, expect cheap Chinese tablets.

The tablet has not got very great display, it's 800x480 pixel resolution is considered to be very less for 7" display panel. It's quite ok for watching movies and playing high resolution games. As the display resolution goes higher, you have to pay for that. If this is going to be your first tablet, the display won't disappoint you.

It's 3800mAH battery is up to the standard for a seven inch tablet. HCL made sure that the user can enjoy using the tablet for more time.

In terms of processor and speed, the HCL ME tab V2 is outstanding for this price range. The tab comes with 1GHz Cortex A9 single core processor with 1GB of RAM, which you can't expect in cheap Chinese tablets available in India.
Android version of the tablet is not latest (Just one step behind!), but you never miss any entertainment with its Jelly Bean 4.1. What else you want at this price! Even expensive tabs are still having older version of android.

The tablet has 2MP rear camera and 0.3MP front camera, not very great feature but believe me you're not going to use them often.

The tablet has a SIM slot but it will only support 2G calling, SMS and EDGE internet connectivity. You need to use an external 3G dongle or Wi-Fi for high-speed internet. OMG! Yes it has Wi-Fi connectivity.

The tab also has many other good features like Mali 400 Graphics gpu, HDMI port, Indian language support, loud speakers and much more.

Final Verdict:
This is not a best in class tablet but for this price band it really rocks. Very good specifications and an inexpensive product for a moderate users. Best choice for under Rs. 8000 tablets. Click here to read what customers are telling about HCL ME Tab V2 and buy online. 

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