Buy Amazon Kindle Fire HD Online in India - Review

One of the best and hot selling tablet in United States is now available in India at very attractive price. Now you can buy Amazon Kindle Fire tablet online at very cheap price. This amazing product has very good specification and features compared to other android tablets available in India at this price range. This product has got very good review from it's satisfied users around the world.

The Amazon Kindle Fire HD stands out from the competitors in various aspects, it's outstanding features and specifications makes it a best tablet to own. This review highlights some of the great features of the Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7" which is the cheapest of the variants, also few drawbacks in the product.

Pros of Amazon Kindle Fire HD : Price below 12,000

This product has a great display panel which none of other brand tablets provide at this price range. It's 1280x800 HD display anti-glare technology and polarizing filters offers an amazing experience while watching movies and playing high resolution video games. Kindle Fire HD uses IPS technology on its LCD screen, which gives a rich color reproduction at any viewing angle. Sharp, rich and deep contrast with detailed colours are rest assured with this best, hot selling tablet.

It's dual driver stereo speakers with Dolby audio provides a world class audio experience which you can never expect in other tablets. You clear crisp sound quality keeps you amused both with and without headphones. It's surround sound feature gives you an experience of watching a movie in multiplex theater. Great display with a great audio quality makes this tablet a must buy gadget.

The tablet is very good on display and audio which also demands for a very strong processor. This table comes with an efficient and high performing 1.2 dual core processor. This product also has Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core, which makes the tablet more fast and enhanced user interface with fluid performance.

Amazon provides access to it's millions of eBooks through the Kindle Fire HD tablet, you can download countless number of books at free of cost. This makes the tablet a best choice for both parents and kids.
The Amazon Kindle Fire HD has a reasonably good battery life. A moderate use will give a battery life of one day, continuous use for reading books will give approximate eleven hours of support.

The tablet has very stylish and trendy design which will surely attract people around you. It's sleek and light weight size is specially designed for long hour reading or usage.

Other than these top selling features, the tab has all other features which other branded tablets offers, like popular games, Facebook, business & utility apps, kids education'education's educational apps, ambient light sensor for outdoor uses, Skype & email apps, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi connectivity, document viewers, micro USB connection, HDMI post and much more.

Overall, the gadget has almost everything needed for a daily use. The tablet will not disappoint the user in any aspects.

What's missing in Amazon Kindle Fire HD

This great tablet covers almost everything which a normal user needs. Some of the outstanding features of the product makes it a must buy gadget. At this price band, Amazon Kindle is the best tablet available to buy in India.

Few features which are missing in this tablet are,

A rear camera, frankly speaking rear cameras are very rarely used. The tablet has got a good HD front camera for video calls through Skype. For me it really looks crazy to see people taking pictures in their tablets at a public place, that may be the reason many high high-end tablets now a days comes without a rear camera.

Limited internal memory, the tablet comes with 16 GB (Price below 12K) and 32 GB (price below 16K) variants. The Amazon gives unlimited cloud storage space for these products to compensate the limited storage space. Even 16 GB is good enough space to store around ten high quality movies at a time, you can replace them once you complete watching them. If you are not a movie addict (Sure you will get addicted because of it's great display and audio quality) storage will not be a problem for you.

You can read detailed review from it's users and also buy Amazon Kindle Fire HD online in India at Amazon website. You can come back here to write your own experience with the tablet after using it and thanking for this review. 

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