iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G Review

Auxus CoreX2 3G is one of the cheapest tablets available in market now. The specification of this iBerry Hong Kong made gadget is best in class compared to other tablets at this price range. Before I bought this cheap tablet, I read few reviews which were mix of positive and negative experiences with this product.

After using iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G for more than one year I’m wring this review. This is quite old 7” android tablet from Hong Kong company iBerry but I feel still relevant to write this review, as the company not released any other 7” tablet so far.

The Auxus CoreX2 3G has very good specifications on paper and reasonable good to use. I’m happy with its high dense IPS panel display and speed. There are few minor problems I faced with my tablet, I’m going to list them in this review.

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What's good in iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G

Value for money, even the tablet has few minor problems, at this price the tablet has good specification and features.

The display is great for watching movies and playing 3D games, it's IPS high pixel panel gives sharp and crisp display.

The tablet has inbuilt SIM card slot for 3G internet and voice calling facility, you don't have to buy an r external 3G dongle for internet.

Battery life is reasonably good which gives around 4.5 hours while watching videos.

The Auxus tablet looks great with it's stylist aluminium back cover, light in weight and looks very trendy.

Problems with iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G

The main problem I faced with this tablet is, the tablet frequently shows ‘SD card removed unexpectedly’ error and keeps waking up automatically, this also consuming lot of battery and gives very less backup even in idle time.

Recent firmware update from iBerry reduced the frequency of 'SD card removed unexpectedly' notification but it still shows sometimes.

Quality of build is not very good, the front black cover was lifting up at the corners which led to dust entering inside the screen. I'm adding few photos on how the corners are lifting up.

iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G

The Auxus Corex2 3G tablet comes with 3G sim facility for internet and calling but the network reception is very poor. The signal breaks frequently and never gets a signal most of the times. If 3G network feature is one of your main requirements in the tablet, don't buy Auxus CoreX2 3G.

iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G

I have highlighted all these problems with iBerry service team many times and even sent the tablet for service once. The service was very poor and they didn’t even fixed a single problem, including the dust inside the gadget, they sent back the tablet without even cleaning the dust or firmly fixing the corners.

After upgrading with recent firmware, the rear camera of the tablet is not working. Default camera app is not showing any setting to switch cameras. Even I tried downloading few camera apps from play store and non of them recognising that the tablet has an rear camera.

IBerry says they provide pickup and delivery warranty but convincing them about the problems and arranging for a warranty pickup is really headache. They just tell that the problems are related to firmware and send you latest firmware or they tell network problems are related to network provider. Believe me, convincing them that corner lifting and 'SD card removed unexpectedly' problems are hardware issues, took lots of time!

Final Call!

Overall iBerry Auxus Corex2 3G is a best product if you DON'T expect better network connection, battery life and better customer care but reasonable good for playing games and watching movies.

I advise that lots of better tablets are available in the market from well established brands like Samsung, Amazon, MicroMax, Lenovo and LG etc. It's better to go for a branded product than cheap tablets which has lots of minor issues. Samsung galaxy tab, Amazon kindle Fire and Google nexus are good tablets to buy compared to iBerry Auxus CoreX2 3G. Amazon Kindle Fire HD is available in India at almost same price and with great features. 

And most importantly don't keep on waiting for a new model to come, that wait never ends, buy a tablet today. You can read user reviews and feedback on many models on Amazon.in website and also buy online from that website.

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