Worth Waiting after Aakash Online Booking or Buy any Other Tablets

Much hyped and much awaited Aakash tablet will be hitting the market very soon (we hope so). The question here is worth waiting after Aakash online booking or get which are available in the market already.

2013-14 is going to be an era of tablets world. Many big players like Samsung, Sony, Reliance, Airtel, Spice, HCL, Mercury, iBall, view sonic and many other big players are entered in to the market to compete with trend setter Apple's Ipad. By foreseeing emerging market for cheap tablet computers, many small Indian companies like LACs Magnum, karbonn, micro max, Lava and some Chinese companies like MID, Tabulus etc. too entered into tablet market with number of variants.

Before we discuss about whether to buy any other tablet or book online and wait for Aakash tablet, let's see where Aakash tablet stands compared to its peers.

Some best features in Aakash tablet (Ubislate7)

It is the cheapest android tablet available in market. This is going to be good device for people who don't need an expensive device just to use some basic features like PDF reader, internet browsing, watching movies on go etc. Aakash can accommodate a SIM card which can be used for making phone calls and send messages directly from the device. You can also use the SIM card for browsing internet through GPRS. This product said to have a data compression technology which assists in faster High Quality youtube Video Streaming. The device has full standard USB port which supports on-the-go pendrive and keyboard support.

Where Aakash tablet fails

As said earlier, more than 3lakh people booked Aakash tablet online, but the delivery has been delayed more than six months. It will late more time to get your device after online booking. Other than its delayed delivery, the main drawback in this cheapest tablet computer is its outdated specifications. 

The devices has seven inch resistive type touch screen, which doesn't offer good feel while operating. The latest models Ubislate7+ and Ubislate7C also come in 256 MB of RAM. The speed of device expected to be much slower compared to its peers. Other main concern in this device is its battery backup, it has 3000 mAh battery which is very deficient compared to its peers.

Waiting after Aakash Online Booking or Buy any Other Tablets

By looking at specs it is obvious that Aakash falls short compared to branded and even few Chinese tablets available today. But this tablet set a trend in price, Blackberry slashed its tablet price by more than fifty percent straightaway after this cheap tablet's hype. Other big players too came up with cheaper version of tablet computers. iBerry is one of them which is coming with two new variants with competitive price bands. iBerry Auxus 03 priced below Rs.10,000, meets almost same spec as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 which is priced at Rs.19,000. Auxus03 has some best features like 1GB RAM, capacity multi point touch screen and runs on latest ICS Android version.

Apparently the much hyped Indian cheapest tablet is pulling the other players to a price war. But it is better to go with comparatively good configurations than a cheaper one which doesn't meet your basic requirements. If price is not main criteria for you there are many tablets available in market with better specifications and available at price band around Rs.10,000. Best part in this is you need not to wait for a long time after online booking.

At present the market is flooded with many varieties of tablets with many features and price ranging from Rs.4000 to Rs.40000. Comes next the world's cheapest tablet computer, Aakash manufactured by Canada based company Datawind. The main aim of this tablet computer is to facilitate university students for their studies. Indian government will be distributing these devices at a subsidized price of Rs.1500 for university students. Commercial version called Ubislate7 was expected to be available in market by Jan-Feb this year at a price of Rs.3000. 

Due to some contract issues in Datawind the product has not yet reached the market. This cheapest android tablet has got very good response from people around the world. Aakash online booking received more than 3 lakh pre-sale orders within two months of its official release.

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